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A silent girl who is neither acts as proton nor as electron, often Neutral. She talks as if she is teaching Chemistry, that’s SHGN(SHAGUN SHARMA).

An upcoming idiotic Engineer whose discussion starts with HOW and WHY. Love being Myself.Loves to fly with no boundaries, no restrictions,no explainations. Always ready to learn something new. Always trying to improve my weakness.

Nothing can defines you better than your principles. A girl who follow her own principles not following anyone blindly.

A Learner,Knwledge Seeker,Technology Freeky,Chemistry first and last love, Programmer,Developer,Designer,hope one day Hacker will be one among them..

My Logical about LIFE- “God has given us this Life.Let him feels proud and give him another reason to send us on the Earth again..”

“Live your Life as the way you want to Live and let others to live accordingly”

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