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Steganography Techniques



Steganography is a useful technique for hiding data behind the carrier file such as image, audio, video etc. and that data securely transfer from sender to receiver.For the secured sending data, this technique is used.Following is the technique of hiding data behind an image:-

How to Hide Data behind an Image

Step 1: Write your message or data in any text file, pdf file,word file or any other file.Let suppose we have made abc.txt file in which we have written message that is to be hide.

Step 2: Open cmd in your window.

Step 3: Move to the directory in which image (that image in which you can to hide the data) is saved.Using cd command (also known as chdir (change directory), is a command-line OS shell command used to change the current working directory)  you can move to the respective directory.

Step 4: In order to hide data behind the image:-

copy /b ImageName.extension + FileName.extension NewImageName.extension

Example:- Let File to hide is abc.txt and Image name is image.jpg behind which data is to be hide. New Image File name is image2.jpg which have the hidden content.Then write in the cmd as:-

                            copy /b  image.jpg + abc.txt image2.jpg 

and it’s done.

Step 5: For checking the hidden data behind the image.Open the new image (image2.jpg) with notepad.As it is not understandable,so you need to make it in the word wrap.

Step 6: As the image file is opened in notepad, click on format and then on Word Wrap.And at the end of the file your message or data will be present in secured form.

By many Steganography Techniques we can hide as many confidential data as we want.



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